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Tex Consolver Round Details

Course: Tex Consolver Golf Course
Date: 5/6/12

This is the fourth of eight weeks of the Wichita Adult Golf League. Each week, teams of two play 9 holes of four ball. My teammate this year is my daughter again. We finished in 2nd place overall in the 2011 league. For 2012, there are 32 teams signed up.

Weather started off great for the first two holes, then the wind picked up to about 20-25 from the north as a cold front came thru..

#1 – Par 4 dogleg right with a fairway bunker at the corner. Pushed a driver to the right of the bunker but found an opening. Hit SW to the middle of the green and 2-putted from about 30 feet. E

#2 – Par 4 with water left, trees and water right. Hit Hybrid off the tee down the middle. In between clubs for approach and choked down on an 8-iron to a back edge pin, but it bounced thru the green by about 2 feet. Chip with a PW from about 20 feet, and made it for birdie. -1

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The End of Money

A book after my own heart: The End of Money by David Wolman. I think the days of coins and cash are numbered, and will probably be almost obsolete within my lifetime.

I’m already operating on an almost cash-free basis. I probably spend less than $100 a month in actual cash.

Moving The Povery Line

Something to remember as you read poverty stories between now and the 2012 elections.  There is a “new” poverty measurement that classifies almost half the population as poor.  The new measurement uses income dispariy rather than absolute poverty as the measurement.

I wonder how many people would be considered in poverty using this type of measurement in a country where nearly everyone is poor, but income disparities are tiny.  Say, North Korea.  I think I know the answer.