Quiet The Hips (B)

Feel like the arms outrace the hips. I did this accidentally late last year because my legs were so tired I could no longer turn thru the ball like I’m used to. Hit the ball amazingly well.

Putt Better Thru Imagination

Want to putt better – just pretend the hole is bigger.

“People in our study made more successful putts in a smaller hole when a visual illusion helped them perceive it as larger,” said Jessica K. Witt, an assistant professor of psychological science who studies perception in sports. “We know that how people perceive the environment affects their ability to act in it, such as scoring as basket or hitting a baseball, and now we know that seeing a target as larger leads to improved performance.

Sim Park 6/10 Round Details

Course: Sim Park Golf Course
Date: 6/10/12

This is the eighth of eight weeks of the Wichita Adult Golf League. Each week, teams of two play 9 holes of four ball. My teammate this year is my daughter again. We finished in 2nd place overall in the 2011 league. For 2012, there are 32 teams signed up.

Good weather this week with winds about 10-15 from the south.

#1 – Par 4 straight-away. Hit a little push with a Driver into the right rough that didn’t go very far. SW from 90 ran about 25 feet past the hole – couldn’t get any spin downwind and out of rough. First putt went 4 feet past, and made the comeback. Par E

#2 – Par 4 dogleg right. Another push, this time with a 3W that stuck me deep in the trees. Had 140 to the hole and had to punch an 8-iron about 7 feet off the ground. Ball managed to just trickle onto the front edge of the green. Good first putt, and a tap in for par. E

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